LZW31-SN config parameters from ST are not used

This is very annoying issue - for some reason very often (almost every time I try) when I update dimmer setting using ST Classic app - dimmer doesn’t use that values.
For example I just tried with 3 different dimmers (single pole w/neutral setup, 3 different sets of bulbs) to change “Ramp Rate” and “Ramp Rate (From Switch)” to 0. In ST console I see “parameter3” and “parameter4” updated to 0 but dimmers are still gradually turning on. I had exact same issue with other parameters as well.
In one case I was experimenting a lot with a switch turning relay on and off, trying zwave associations etc and at some point I’ve noticed that it started to use updated parameter but that happened only in one case and after I’ve reset the switch it stopped working again.
It makes it almost impossible to do something advanced with a switches since it involves parameter modification.

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@Eric_Inovelli Am I the only one experiencing such kind of problems? If so - maybe something wrong with my hub?

Found a bunch of people having same issue in a topic LZW31-SN Notifications not working.
TLDR: go to ST console, edit corresponding device and click “Update” - settings will get applied.