LZW31-SN - Driver does not have "command "pressConfig"

I have been getting the Red Series switch. I went to the Red Series dimmer and noticed in the driver that the "command “pressConfig” is missing. Should it be there? Can I add it without any issue and have it work?

@EricM_Inovelli It looks like the event has been defined, but the command and the tile hasn’t. (8/14/20 DH)

Hi @fisheromega are you referring to the custom commands to “test” scenes? These have been commented out as SmartThings doesn’t support them in the new app and in Hubitat you can just “run” a rule in Rule Machine to test it. I’m wondering what you plan on using it for?

Hello @EricM_Inovelli, I’m referring to the lines in the Inovelli driver for the button presses to show when viewing the device. See the attached screenshots. I added in the command PressConfig that is in the LZW30-SN


Ok, that is what I was thinking. I haven’t updated those for some time. Do you mind letting me know what you are using them for in Hubitat? They were initially created for users in SmartThings to test their scenes and were carried over to Hubitat but I haven’t enabled them in our G2 devices.

I use them to test my scripts … Rules in Hubitat. I can sit at my computer and click one of the button panels on the device page and watch the logs. It’s much easier than getting up an having to hit a physical button every time.