LZW31-SN - Dumb switch doesnt turn on lights if dimmer is off

I have a LZW31-SN configured with a dumb switch in a 3 way configuration. I have a neutral. My LZW31-SN has a line, load, neutral, and traveler. My Dumb switch is connected to line, load, and traveler. When my dimmer is on, the dumb switch will turn on and off the lights. When my dimmer is off, the dumb switch doesn’t turn on the lights. What am I doing wrong?

I had this issue too for a while. Out of the box the switch is configured as a single-pole switch. Did you change the setting to tell it you are going 3-way with dumb switches?

Hmm, maybe this is my issue. I read the entire installation manual and it didn’t mention anything about this setting but I didn’t go into the programming settings. This is probably my issue. I will report back.

@sfera - It’s in the addendum pamphlet located in all the other papers.

I think both parameters 21 and 22 should be set to 1.