LZW31-SN Ground Energized

I have been having a nightmare of a time trying to figure out what’s wrong with my basement lights. At first there were issues with the dumb switch turning off and the inovelli does not turn off. Or the lights are switched but physically stay on. The switches were wired according to the wiring diagram with 3-way + dumb switch with neutral and load/line both in same box. So it appears there is a problem with the Inovelli switches.

I’m trying to figure out if I need to RMA them or what. I discovered the ground wire is hot. Who would have thunk? I traced back the line wire and the ground is NOT hot there. The ground becomes hot AFTER going into the Inovelli switch. Which then carries the hot up to the other dumb switches over the ground, energizing all 4 switch bodies. Both Inovellis and both dumb switches are energized, obviously a problem. I am at a loss as to what could be causing this. Is something wrong with the physical switches? If I test the ground coming OUT of the inovelli switch it’s hot. Does this mean both Inovelli’s are defective?

Can you post pictures of one of your installations with switch connections and into the box visible?

Also, how did you determine that the ground is energized? You measured using a meter between the ground and what?

I can post pictures later. I tested using a voltage tester, actually after I got slightly shocked from brushing against it.