LZW31-SN hubitat lag

I have a LZW31-SN switch it takes ~1.5sec for a button presses to affect my hue bulbs via hubitat. Is this lag normal?

I am using LZW31-SN switch (driver updated 2020-06-02) firware 1.45
habitat (
hue bridge
and hue bulbs (hueBridgeBulbRGBW)

the automation is set up in “simple automation rules”.
after the “up” button is pressed
the action of ON() is passed to the hue group

this takes about 1.5 seconds

If I simulate the button press via device page the lag is negligible 0 - .5 seconds.
I can also increase the time to ~2 seconds if I use “rule machine” instead of “simple automation rules”

is there a way I can reduce this lag, the switch is fealing unintuitive with the delay.

For comparison, I also have a dumb bulb controlled by a 2nd LZW31-SN switch. if I turn ON the two switches at the same time hue ones take more than a second longer to respond.

update: if I don’t touch the device for a while the lag is increased to ~3seconds when the command is issued.

Can you share a screenshot of your debug log showing the button press to the light activation? Given there are several pieces involved there could be several possible causes for the delay.

Yeah that is definitely not normal. I run about 10 bulbs of Inovelli switches and have very slight delay.

What is the delay if you use the Hue app just out of curiosity. It is also perplexing that you say using the portal, it functions correctly. Can you post your rules and tell us more about your setup?

For reference, I use Webcore for all my rules on Hubitat and they run pretty flawlessly. I do have to do a Hub reboot every so often, but I have 75+ devices and 20+ rules so I start to get a little lag at all and I just reboot (i’m crazy though lol)