LZW31-SN in 4-way setup with GE Add-on, controlling Lightify Recessed Smart lights

Can anyone comment on if this setup will work?

I have 6 recessed kitchen lights controlled by a LZW30-SN set up in 4-way configuration with (2) GE add-on switches at the secondary locations, connected to SmartThings v3 hub.

The plan is to replace the lights with Osram/Lightify recessed RGBW smart lights (Zigbee), replace the the LZW30-SN with LZW31-SN dimmer switch, keep the (2) GE add-on switches for on/off capability at those secondary locations.

I plan to disable the internal relay in the LZW31-SN and mirror all (6) recessed lights to it (on/off from main and add-on switches / dim only from main switch). Can anyone comment if this is the optimal way to set up these lights with this switch or suggest a more optimal way of doing it?

The LZW31-SN is arriving this week, but I tried testing this setup with a Zooz dimmer and one Lightify light, and it seemed to work OK except there was considerable lag in the dimming. Not sure if this is a natural lag due to the nature of using mirroring rather than the bulb directly dimming from the switch or what, but I can live with it if there’s no other solution…I may set up dimming “scenes” for the wife, e.g. double press UP for full bright, double press DOWN for 50% dim, triple press DOWN for 30% dim, etc.