LZW31-SN Issues With Z-Wave Commands from Smartthings

I just installed 2 of the LZW31-SN switches and added them to SmartThings. One of the switches seems to be working fine, but the other switch doesn’t seem to be taking commands from the hub. I can see events being sent to the dimmer in the SmartThings dashboard events log, but the dimmer seems to be ignoring them. The light turns on and off fine using the paddle.

FWIW, I am using the device handler version dated 2019-11-20. I tried pulling the air gap switch and that didn’t seem to help.

Any ideas?

Well, the dimmer seems to be working again. It is as if the Z-Wave radio went to sleep for a while.

Hmmm… keep us posted here. It should always take commands, so not sure what’s happening. Could be cloud issues with ST or a weak mesh. Either way, happy to hear it’s working again!

I don’t think it was ST cloud issues, as the other switch I installed has been working fine. I did reboot my hub along the way, so maybe there was some weirdness going on with the hub. I’ll let you know if anything else happens.

Well, the issue I reported back in Nov '19 is back again, on 2 LZW31-SN switches. These are the original 2 switches I installed and both are having the same issue - they are not listening to Z-Wave commands or allowing me to make configuration changes. Both work fine actuating at the paddle. A third LZW31-SN switch that I ordered and installed about a week after the initial 2 is working fine. All three are non-neutral installations.

On a hunch, I rebooted my hub to see if that made any difference. Much to my surprise, both switches are now working correctly. Note that nothing else in my network (about 35 devices) was acting up. My hub, BTW, is a SmartThings V1 hub.

I have the same issue, except it is a neutral wire install in 3 way with dumb switch. Everything works great, except, it does not respond to commands from the app. In New app, it just spins, about 1 out of 10 times it eventually turns on, but then it reports as off in app. In classic, it continues to say turning on, eventually will turn on, but again, the app reverts to thinking it is off. Works 100% of the time from actiontiles.

I have been writing to their support desk, but get absolutely no response. The

I just installed the last of my four pack dimmers and I’m having the same issue. ST keeps trying send commands and all I get is TURNING ON. I try to turn off and now its TURNING OFF. Switch works manually. Have the latest handler. I rebooted the hub with no luck.

With help from @Eric_Inovelli, I have solved my issue. I removed and re-paired the device (took three times) and now all functions of the switch are working correctly, including current state and operation from SmartThings. Gotta say, these guys customer support is awesome.