Lzw31-sn load is hot when not connected

I have a brand new red dimmer. Single pole with neutral setup, load goes to a bathroom light.

I connected the neutral, ground, and line properly - so how can the load terminal be hot (again, no load wire is even connected)? This would assume the dimmer is On.

I’ve press down on the paddle to turn the light off, waited, and the Load is still hot.

Depending on how sensitive the probe is, there is definitely still some extremely low voltage present even when off based on my most recent experience.

What @fatherdoctor said. If you want to keep from zapping yourself, use a proximity tester like the one you have. But if you want to measure voltage, you need to use a meter.

Plus, it doesn’t matter if the load wire is connected or not. If a switch is switched to put out voltage, that terminal will be hot whether or not you have a conductor connected to it.

As to why it’s hot if you think it’s off, remember that it’s a dimmer. Just because it’s dimmed down doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be voltage present. Dimmers work by clipping the AC waveform.

If you pull the airgap, do you still detect voltage?

It must be that there was voltage running they then. To test further, I wired the load then wired in a light. Retested with the same sensor and there was no indication. Off was off. Maybe it was just the sensitivity of the sensor but I’ve not run into the before. Thanks.