LZW31-SN - No Neutral, no power to switch

I’ve installed a LZW31-SN for a single 60 watt incandescent light bulb. I’m not connecting to a neutral wire, but since this isn’t a 3-way switch and I’m over 25 watts I should be within the requirements for this setup. When I turn on the breaker the switch never indicates that it is receiving power through the LED. I switched the line and load wires in case there was a mix up but this did not help.

I’ve previously experimented with a non-neutral install before on an LED bulb. The switch at least powered on, but then it blinked red because the 8 watts from the LED bulb was insufficient. I’m not sure what’s different with this install?

Is this a brand-new switch? Is is possible that it was previously configured for Neutral Wired? Do you even know for sure if the switch itself is not dead?

Sounds like the best thing is to temporarily connect the neutral wire and see if it powers up. Then do a factory reset and try again without the neutral