LZW31-SN Non-Neutral + Hue Light with Bypass

FW T0:1.61 & T1:1.45
I’ve set my light to Non-Neutral in it setting, I’ve put a aeotec bypass in the light in parallel, and every time the hue light close, the switch reset. Switch is in Smartbulb mode. I tried 2 bypass with the same result.

I tried to set to Neutral and then to Non-Neutral again in case that setting didn’t stick, but that didn’t seem to help.

It a closet light, for some reason, it the only switch in the house which is not neutral wired.

Any ideas ?

Do you have another bulb to temporarily test with? Not at Hue, maybe an incandescent or a CFL. Something that will draw more. This will allow you to isolate the problem to the bulb or the switch.

It work fine with a light bulb that draw more. I even put a older Hue light (non color version), and it working fine with it.

The switch work with no light in it (indicating the bypass work I would think). I check and the line is where the power is coming from.

The problem occur when the Color Hue light close, that when the switch freak out. It was a brand new light, so maybe there is something with the light firmware. I’m upgrading the light right now and will test again when I’m done.

Upgraded my Hue light to latest version, and it still not working :frowning:
Any suggestions except opening the walls and passing in new wire ? :slight_smile:

What are you doing in the closet that it needs a smart bulb? If you need a smart bulb, does it have to be a Hue? I’m guessing colors, maybe?

Try 2 bypasses. That has worked for others.

I replaced all my bulb light in my house with color Hue light. I didn’t need to do it, I just wanted to do it lol… For when Hubitat and the switch fail, I have full control via the Hue Hub.

Z-Wave have been a pain for me… But I must say, since I upgraded my inovelli switch to 1.61/1.45, my whole Z-Wave seem to be working much better…

But I want to just to be able to set a color across the whole house an it change everywhere… I might just leave those old Hue White light in there, but I hate having setup that not going to fully work and understanding why. Is it the inovelli switch doesn’t work well with a bypass and it non-neutral setup is a hit and miss, or it something else (other secret setting that need to be forced back to a certain value like the issue I had with the scene control that wasn’t working).

@PJF I did try with 2 bypasses with the same result.

I don’t have an answer, really. Some LED bulbs work better than others. You’d think that if one Hue bulb works so would another. Maybe it’s that specific bulb or maybe Hue changed something that renders it less compatible.

Can’t you use the older Hue that worked there and put this trouble one somewhere there is a neutral?

Older light bulb is white only, and have more heat generated which can be an issue with the light fixture used.

Has anyone come up with a solution to this issue? I am having the same issue with 4 Hue BR30 bulbs and a bypass. It worked fine for a while except overnight it would reset and now it resets every time the lights are off. I have set p52 to smart bulb and internal relay off by pressing config button

Well, you could re-wire to feed line and neutral to the switch and have constant hot and neutral on the fixture. That is not code compliant but it would work and the switch not switching the light power wouldn’t matter since you’re using it as a scene controller.

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So basically install switch in parallel with the lights? Line to line and load to neutral? Eventually I plan to run a neutral as the room behind switch is unfinished and will be easy but if this will work and not damage the switch it will be a good temporary solution.

You got it. Everything gets power.