LZW31-SN Non-Neutral w/ Bypass Will Not Power Bulbs

I installed a Red series LZW31-SN switch without a neutral wire. The light fixture had a Ilumin RGBW Smart Bulb. I turned the breaker on, the LED strip illuminated, and I successfully paired the switch with my hub. I went to turn the switch on, and the light bulb turned orange and then red twice and then off. I was never able to the light bulb to turn on again. In addition, the LED strip on the switch no longer illuminated.

I grabbed a second 10w LED bulb and added it to the light fixture with the inovelli LED bulb. The new LED bulb would dimly lit but the inovelli light would not turn on. I checked the hub logs and the physical presses were registered. After this I grabbed a Aeotec bypass and installed it at the light fixture by placing one end in the wire nut with white wires and the other end in the wire nut with the black wires. This time not even the second LED bulb would dimly illuminate. I also tried to configure the switch and tell that a smart light bulb was attached.

I’m not sure what do from here so I wanted to see if anyone had any ideas?

You’re referring to the Smart Bulb Mode, right? You said that you tried . . were you successful. That mode insures that the bulb is always fully powered.

A couple things to try:

1 - Replace the smart bulb with an incandescent bulb temporarily and see if it behaves normally.

2 - Put the smart bulb back in. Shut off the breaker. Remove the two insulated conductors (white/black) from the switch and wire nut them together temporarily. Does the smart bulb power up normally after turning the breaker back on?

What hub are you using?

Configuring the Switch for Smart bulb mode did not result in the light working. I also took all the light bulbs out and the switch LED bar did not indicate it was working either. I’m using Hubitat.

I’ll give these suggestions a try and report back. Thanks for the leads.

I replaced the Smart and LED bulbs with 2 x 72w bulbs. Turned the breaker back on and switch LED base illuminated 100% and green (like it was configured for). I turned on the light switch by hitting the top of the switch paddle and the lights flickered and then turned off/stayed off. The LED bar on the switch also quit working. I turned the breaker off for 60 seconds and when it was turned back on the LED bar on the switch flashed and then turned off. The switch is not working.

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I replaced the switch with a new one and it is working with the 2x72w bulbs.

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I also stand corrected. I’ve been using an Aeotec Z-Wave RGBW bulb. It won’t work on its own, but the switch stays powered on at least.

OK, LED bulb and (new) Inovelli switch are working with the bypass installed.

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So I started with a both a 72w bulb and the Aeotec LED bulb and the switch turned on and off just fine. While the lights were on, I removed the 72w bulb and everything stayed on. With just the Aeotec LED bulb in, if I turn the switch off and then back on, the switch LED bar flashes Red then green then blue and back to its normal color but the bulb never turns on. Seems like something is up with the Aeotec LED bulb. I’m just going to replace it with with 2 Inovelli illumin bulbs. In the mean time I’m just leaving the 72w bulb in with the LED bulb.