Lzw31-sn ODD behaviour

so this morning i woke up to two of my switches(different areas of the house) OFF (notification bars and lights)… i checked the breakers and everything else and all is well… i took them both out and checked wiring… They have been installed for about a year with no problems…

my first step was to disconnect the loads, no change… removed the neutral, line and ground, and re inserted
back in, no change… so is my switch dead??

later on the day i went back to mess with it and move wires around and noticed that if i put the line wire into the load my switch powers up but of course it doesnt control the lights… however it does report button presses

Have you had any recent power issues, for example power outages or severe storms?

The information you provided points to a potential hardware issue with the load terminal. I would expect there to have been a power event (dip, surge, or something) to have cause the failure, or at least contributed to it.

there has been rain for the past couple days but all my other switches are fine, ive got about 15 of them.

any downside to using the switch as i stated? I could use it with smart bulbs and it works but the ability tu use it to power on and off a load is gone.

@Eric_Inovelli @EricM_Inovelli any pointers on idea or does it sound like its dead.

Do either of the switches power up at all when they are connected properly. i.e. do you see the red, green, blue during boot when the switches are first powered up? Also, did you first try pulling the air gap to see if the switches would reboot. Occasionally they will freeze and just need the air gap pulled to reboot.

I agree wit @amdbuilder regarding some adverse power event. The odds of two switches failing overnight on their own is infinitesimal.

Resist the urge to experiment with “alternate” wiring strategies. Either wire it correctly or remove it.

they do no power up, when wired correctly, tried the air gap and no change ither… I know the alternate method is not OK but for the time being that is how i have them because i have no replacements and dont want my zwave mesh to be affected until i get replacements

This is a long shot, but maybe try doing a factory reset on the one that you have half working. Long press the config until it turns red.

not half, they both don’t work when wired properly… Line wire into the Line terminal

Yeah this is really weird.

Were these connected as single pole setups or multi-way setups?

Very, Its like my switch is half dead. its internals are workin g but its body (Line terminal) is dead lol. and as to your question all are on single pole those two specifically were controlling two inovelli bulbs each, in a neutral setting with smart bulb enabled.