LZW31-SN - Ramp rate and delay turning light on

Brand new LZW31-SN (this LED bar design makes it the sexiest switch out there for sure).
Just installed and paired with Hubitat C7.

I tap to turn on the light and there is this big delay of over one second until the light starts to ramp up.

Press the “On” button in Hubitat: same thing.
Set parameter “Disable Physical On/Off Delay” to yes, no difference.
Set “Disable Physical On/Off Delay” back to no, unpaired the switch and got the same thing (and this time it is not associated to a hub).

I noticed one thing: I tap to turn it off and it starts to fade much faster (around half a sec).

I start over, this time I set parameter 1 to 0.
On/off from hubitat is almost real time.
Physical on/off is a lot faster, a little over half a second.

I set parameter 1 to “0”.
I still get a fade in effect and the delay is now a little over half a second.

What are my options to reduce delay to as minimun as possible? Do you believe the light bulbs also contribute to the delay - they are LED so it make sense they only start to respond after a certain voltage is applied?

Is this something firmware related? Current on 1.48.
Trying to get as close as possible to what we are use to: a “feel good fade in effect” and a response time not over half a second.

I’d recommend setting a minimum dim setting so that it’s closer to the percentage to bulb turns on. E.g. I set mine to 35% as a new minimum because my lights didn’t always turn on at anything less than 30%. Since it starts at 35%, the dimmer doesn’t have to ramp from zero anymore.

What @harjms said. The way to find your true minimum is to set the min and max to 1 and 99, THEN start the dimming process to find the minimum. Once you set the minimum, that value becomes the new 1%.

Thanks guys. I was able to determine these bulbs start kicking in at 24% so I set the minimum to 23%. I’m guessing this is the correct parameter:


It did improved the response by something in between 100 and 200 ms.
Hard to get an acurate measrument for something this fast but… it was an improvement for sure.

Question: Because 23% is he new minimun, does it mean it is always send 23% power even when it is off or, is it cutting down to 0 and starting at 23 when I turn it on?

Basically 23% is your new zero.

Good to know :+1:

Almost 4AM and I’m here having fun with this stuff.
I upgraded firmware to 1.52-beta.

I’m not sure if something else changed, if it is a concidence or… if there are performance improvements in the new firmware but the thing is super fast now.
Better than I ever expected it could be.

My minimums are set a few percent above where the turns on and the bulbs still turn off. So it’s definitely not still putting out the minimum. There could be a little leak because of the design of the dimmer, but definitely not what the minimum is set to.

23% is actually the new 1%, just to be insanely picky.

0% would still be “off”.

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:unamused: 23% would be your new baseline of 1%, correct.

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Make sense. Thanks a lot.