LZW31-SN resets when saving preferences

I setup the LZW31-SN Dimming Switch in a 3-Way configuration with an Add-On Switch (GE Enbrighten Add-On #46199). Both switches work as intended post-install / initial configuration:

The interesting behavior I am experiencing is that when I go to Hubitat and change Preferences on the LZW31-SN I have to run through the Add-On Switch pairing process again as it seems to reset (LZW31-SN works but the Add-On does nothing until paired again). Is this expected behavior or did I miss something on the documentation / parameters that I need to revisit?

Thanks in advance.

Rather than using the config button to set aux mode, try setting parameter 22 to 2.

Parameter 22: External Switch Type - This tells the dimmer if there is a 3-way switch setup to it and what type.

0 = Single Pole (Just the Inovelli Switch)
1 = Dumb Switch
2 = Aux Switch (GE, Homeseer, Leviton aux switch)

Thanks! I updated “AC Power Type” to “Neutral” and “Switch Type” to “3-way Momentary” and all is good. It seems that, since those values were blank, every time I made changes in Hubitat it was messing it up on the switch and resetting the Add-On pairing.