LZW31-SN Slow ramp even when setting ramp rate to 0

If I turn my switches on through HA it takes forever for the lights to come to full brightness. I have the ramp speed set to 0 for both params 3 and 4. I’m using OZW and my switches are on v1.45

Try setting parameter 1 to zero.

Change the param and it had no effect on the ramp speed.

Hmmm, the only thing I can suggest is setting min level higher. But kinda makes me wonder if config is getting pushed to switch. I messed up one day and changed 2 or 3 to zero and I couldn’t catch the correct level at all. It was way too fast.

I changed the min level and the lights starts at the min level set, but Its still being slow coming up to full brightness or to turn off. I tried pulling the airgap plug to see if that would help, but it hasn’t

@StarFleetCPTN Dimmers on OZW + HA are super bugged atm a update to OZW broke it. 0.114 is in beta atm and fixes it. You can upgrade to the beta and it should be fixed or wait till its release


Thanks, that fixed my problem.