LZW31-SN trouble

Hi, new switch and I must have done something wrong.
3 Way Line load separate box dumb switch config.
Smarthings used to set to AC type to neutral and switch to 3-way toggle

  • When lights are on I can use the lzw31 to turn on/of and dim
  • I can go to dumb switch and turn on and off (smart things shows me the state also)
    BUT when I turn the dumb switch off (app shows off also) then try to turn back on with the smart switch the lights do not come on (app shows they are on)
    Then if I go to dumb switch and try to turn on the lights turn on for a second and then off. I cant then turn back on at switch unless I flip dumb to off then I can use the lzw 31 to control again.

Thoughts or ideas?

Manually set parameter 22 to 1 for your dumb switch config.

If you turn the light off with the dumb switch, do you still see the faint LED bar on the smart switch? There is a chance you have line coming in to the dumb switch box and load in your smart switch box. If the smart switch is installed in the load box, what will happen is that the dumb switch only passes power to the smart switch in one position.

@puzzles thanks. I will check when I get back home but I do know that the smart switch is in the line box and the dumb switch is in the load box. Hopefully I can get this sorted and not have to switch the smart switch back to a lutron toggler which was working just fine with it in the line box and the dumb switch in the load box

Also check that the wire connected to the black screw on the dumb 3-way switch is going to the load and not the black wire that is bundled with that red traveler wire.

I see you’ve already set the switch to 3-way toggle in SmartThings, which is the same as the other reply that said to set parameter 22 to 1.