LZW31-SN Turns off on anything over 75% brightness

Hi all,

I’m new to this site but have been following these products for a while. Finally made the purchase a few days ago.

I’ve just installed my switch (no neutral) and have two issues:

  1. When turning on, the light flickers to what appears to be its set brightness, then dims back quickly and then slowly fades in to its set brightness. The dimming flickers in general. I am using Home Depot Commercial Electric light: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Commercial-Electric-1-ft-x-2-ft-23W-Dimmable-White-Integrated-LED-Edge-Lit-Flat-Panel-Flush-Mount-Light-with-Color-Changing-CCT-FP1X2-4WY-WH-HD/304258316

  2. When setting brightness to anything above 75%, the light almost instantly turns off and the LED indicator flashes red, green, blue, then turns off and slowly fades back to dark blue.

I read that a bypass is required for anything under 25w. This light falls in at 23. Is this a hard rule or can I get away with it being so close? Maybe these issues related to wattage? If not, how can I fix this?

Thank you

I would just put the bypass in see if it fixes
I had a dimmer (no neutral) work fine for 3 days. and then started blinking at full bright.
LED Bulb was only 12w - not sure why it worked for a few days and then didn’t.
Put in an incandescent and it worked as expected - so i put in the bypass and the LED back. No issues now.