LZW31-SN unable to include

I have more than 20 of these switches. I was REALLY HAPPY to see that firmware 1.52 include a configurable delay length. I am upgrading all firmware. But on one of them the upgrade worked but it never reflected the version 1.52. So I decided to exclude it and re-include it again. I was unable to exclude it so I forced the exclude in Hubitat. But now when I try to include it again it does not work. I reset the swicth many times (25 seconds button) and still does not work. I even tried to include it in Smartthings since I have both Hubs and same problem. What can I do now ?

Have you tried to exclude it from SmartThings? I’ve found though I can include things in position with Hubitat I often have to move one or the other to get the hub close to the device in order to exclude, ST seems to have a little better range for excluding.

In Hubitat I can exclude without selecting a device but is it possible to do it in Smartthings ? This device does not exist anymore in one or the other.

From the smarthings ide you can delete the switch. Then do a factory reset on the switch.

In the ST Zwave utilities, start an exclusion and then hit the config button 3x. It will do a general exclusion even though the devices is not in ST.

“From the smarthings ide you can delete the switch”

I cannot do a delete switch since it’s not define in Smartthings.

“In the ST Zwave utilities,”

Where are these ZWave utilities ??? I did not find it

In your list of devices in the app find your hub. Go to the three dots on the top right. Z-Wave Utilities.

OK Thank you I found it. Same things, it did not exclude it.

Or in the IDE, My Hubs, select your Hub, scroll down to find “View Utilities”.

I also did that. Same thing.