LZW31-SN Z-Wave Indicator goes green to red

The LZW31-SN Z-Wave strength indicator goes from green to red when holding the config button down 5 seconds. In the same area, the LZW-30 stays green. So far, 4 of the installed dimmers indicate the same way. Hub is in the basement, switches are upstairs. Can control switches with no issues; seems to be a indicator strength issue on LZW31 or the LZW30 have a lesser threshold.

Weird - so the switches were able to be paired successfully, the Z-Wave strength indicator just isn’t working?

@Eric_Inovelli - Correct. When checking strength, it goes from Green to red. Scratch 4 from above. I have 5 installed now. Literally have further basic non dimmers show green. I’ll take a video.

@Eric_Inovelli -Sending you a link now.

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Not sure this is actively being discussed. I was looking for info on something else and ran across this. I was curious about this dimmer behavior, as well. I decided it wasn’t an issue, since my dimmers are functioning fine. (except maybe the other issue, which I will post in the relevant thread)

I’m seeing the same thing with my LZW31-SN, at first I thought it was because I installed it in an older metal box, so I unscrewed it and pulled it out away from the wall and tested again, same thing. I have 3 other Z-Wave plus switches (GE) about 10 feet away in an open area that should be acting as repeaters so I was confused. Also, it seems to report back to Smartthings with no problems when I turn the switch on/off. I did a Z-wave network repair prior to running the signal test on the LZW31-SN also, made no difference.

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Any update on this?

Z-Wave Range Check: Easily check whether or not your switch is within range by holding the Config Button (A) for 5-10 seconds. The LED bar will indicate: RED = Not in Range, or = Within Range GREEN (Good Signal).

When we do this we get green led THEN red. The dimmers do not associate either. What does this mean? Please do not answer with a guess. We can do that ourselves :slight_smile:

This is with six LZW31-SN dimmers ordered fresh from Amazon.