LZW31 suddenly started buzzing

This weekend one of our LZW31 (black) dimmers that has been working perfectly and quietly for many (8-9) months suddenly started buzzing. The buzz is present regardless of the dimming level and nothing else has changed (bulbs, wiring, etc.). The setup is about as simple as things get: single pole, neutral wiring, etc. As a last ditch effort (i.e., I really don’t think it is a software problem) I’ve checked for the latest drivers, updated them, made sure a Habitat upgrade hadn’t changed anything out from underneath me, etc. No joy…

Any suggestions? Anything I’m overlooking?


Did you try a breaker reset?

Nope, good idea. I did not try that. Unfortunately, no luck… same as before… :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks for the suggestion @kreene1987.