LZW31 won't power up

I had this device working fine for a week with a GE add-on. I decided to change the light fixture so turned power off, changed out the light and turned power on. LZW31 won’t come back online. Tried the reset tab, double checked the connections to it just in case nothing. Looking for ideas now on what the heck just happened.

Neutral or non-neutral installation?

If it’s a neutral installation, put a meter across the Line and Neutral at the switch to see if you have 120V.

Is this the one with power to the light the we worked on here?

Yes I think so it’s non-neutral so we are using white for line. it was working fine all week then I turned power off to change light fixture and it never came back.

Ok, do you have a meter? At the Inovelli switch box, check for 120V between the Line screw and the bare ground.

Just want to be sure I am tracking, take the ground off the Inovelli and then test line screw and bare ground wire? Thank you

You don’t have to remove the ground. One probe on the Line screw, other probe on the bare ground. Meter set to AC volts.

Ok I did and the meter shows 120 on the line screw.

Hmmm. So I presume you didn’t even pull the switches as part of this?

Can you post pictures of the box and wiring at the light? One of two things happened. 1) You inadvertently mis-wired at the light or 2) The switch died in the process of ???.

Another test, at the light, test between the black and white Romex wire-nutted together and the white/white connected to the light. You’re looking for 120V.

Do you have an extra switch to try, by chance?

I have a GE Enbrighten Smart Switch 14292 that I was going to use at a different location. Going to pull the light down and meter it

Ok, I meant do you have another identical Inovelli to see if it may be the switch that went bad.

Let me know how the light metering goes.

Sorry I don’t.
Just metered nothing on either black or white at the light outlet.
Pictures are light outlet, simple Black, White and copper. Then the Inovelli box wired as directed to last week and has worked.

Sorry, but I don’t know what that means. At the light, you are supposed to test between the combined black/white and the white/white.

I can’t see inside your light box so please post a picture of that. I need to see both 2-wire Romex coming into the box and the connections.

At the light box, do you remember, or did you mark which Romex is the constant hot and which is going to the switch?

So this is where it really gets odd. There is only one line at the light box. I have added pictures.

Ok, I remember now. We didn’t have to go into the light. I presumed there is another box somewhere that is actually feeding the switch and this box.

So you have the proper voltage at the switch box. What type of bulb did you add? If it’s a LED, swap it out for an incandescent if you have one.

Do you have the old fixture? It might be easier just to re-wire that quickly. If that works, it has to be the fixture, or vice versa.

I read your mind and the new light came down (has four candle stick 40W bulbs) I put up a simple one bulb light and used the same light bulb I had taken out. Nothing… Hmm perhaps the switch fried which would be very odd.

Yes, unfortunately that’s what I’m thinking too.

No worries I can reach out to customer service and work it from there. I really appreciate all the time you took to help me. Thank you

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