Lzw36 - 4 child devices?

I just moved the lzw36 from a c5 to c7 HE and on the new c7 it created 4 child devices.

I don’t remember it being this way on the old c5 hub. Not a huge deal but any way to remove the two extra child devices? Remove (greyed out) is not an option.

Which devices have remove greyed out? All them?

Did you install the latest driver from Inovelli on the c-7 before you installed the switch? I would double check the driver, exclude/factory reset the switch and reinstall. I only got 2 child devices when I put the switch on my c-7. I did do a factory reset after I took it off the old hub.

Remove is greyed out on the two “generic” entries (Fan and Light). The two that should be there (Hampton Bay and Generic Component Dimmer) CAN be removed, but I don’t want to remove those.

The correct manually included driver was present on the hub prior to inclusion, but not automatically selected. It was when I went in and selected the user provided driver that the two addition child devices were created. I’ll try removing and including the device again.