LZW36 and 3 wire fans

Most fans or at least older fans have 3 internal wires. Neutral, black, and blue. Instructions will tell you to connect the blue and black to the hot black. That allows power to both lights and fan. Fan speed is controlled by the pull chain.

If you look at some wireless remote attachments from big box stores, the install instructions are to place the fan on highest speed and then connect their wireless module. Would this also apply to the LZW36. I did a quick test this morning and functionality is there.

Any suggestions against doing this? Possible damage to module? I understand how these fans control speed, but what I lack in knowledge is how the ones with a specific orange or fan wire work.

Yes, the same would traditionally apply for the LZW36. You want to keep the speed on high so that the fan module can control the speed. If you dont keep the fan on high, it probably wont break anything, but you definitely wont be able to get full fan speed.

Thanks for pointing that out. I skipped step one because nobody reads the instructions anyways. Lol.