LZW36 Cycle Speeds

Any way to modify the speeds when cycling through low, medium, high (set up in Rule Machine)? I would like to reduce the medium speed to about 50%, since 66% seems very close to 100% on my fan.

Hi there
I’m not a Hubitat user so I may not be of much help. However the Inovelli dimmer should be fully adjustable 0-99%, meaning you can set whatever speed you want.
That means the issue is with the Rule Machine code that cycles through the speeds. Looking at some basic rule machine code it looks simple enough… if you post a link to the fan speed cycle program you’re running I will see what I can do…

I think the issue may be with the Hampton Bay Fan Component driver that is used. Using Set Speed to set the fan to “Medium” means that it goes to 66%. So the Cycle Speeds used in Rule Machine cycles between Low, Medium, and High.

Use the Inovelli driver!


The Inovelli driver uses the Hampton Bay Fan Component as a child device to the parent device.

The canopy controller only has three speeds, but the driver exposes the speeds both as a Hampton Bay fan (with unsupported speeds) and as a dimmer where 33% = low, 66% = medium, and 99% = high. (1% = breeze mode). In other words, there is no granular speed control, and it isn’t easy to add since the canopy module’s firmware cannot be field-updated…

Ah, I’m on ST and didn’t know. Request makes sense!

I believe the fan speeds are determined by the physical components within the canopy module, and is not something that can be changed via firmware (you would need to physically replace the capacitors on the circuit board in order to change the speed values, and it is not something I would recommend attempting). The LZW36 only has 3 speeds available.

From what I can tell by looking through the vent holes on the canopy module, the Inovelli controller uses a 4.7µF and a 8.2µF to control the fan speeds. Your original fan controller likely used different sized capacitors, which is why the speeds are not the same.