LZW36 - Fairly YUGE

From left to right:
A 25 or so year old Panja/Phast automation dimmer [Lonmark over RS485].
Inovelli LZW36 [Z-Wave of course]
Aeotec dimmer [Z-Wave]
Shelly 2 load switch [WiFi]

My suggestion/wish/hope would be to use the pill that makes you small (go ask Alice). The LZW36 is… well, large. Aeotec is also Z-Wave, so it is not some issue with Z-Wave implementation. I have not ripped an LZW36 apart yet, but it does not seem like there should be a reason for it to be deeper than the seam about 12-15mm behind the plate.

So why am I using Inovelli?
Not terribly expensive.
Solid construction.
Nice LED indicators (though individual LED control would be nicer).
Nice button interface.
Aeotec’s snap-on button interface does not seem well-made to me (lots of flimsy plastic), and buggy.
Shelly does not do physical buttons, so you have to roll your own. On the other hand they are really low cost, so shrinking does not imply cost would go way up.

That Aeotec dimmer is 130W max and the Shelly switch is just a small 10A relay.

You’re comparing products that are very different in purpose and finish. The basic LZW-30 probably has some extra space in it, but I appreciate them reusing the same form factor for all of the switch replacement products.

Two relays in the Shelly actually, but yes, different products. The clunker on the left is rated for 600 watts. The Inovelli shown has zero relays because there is an external Module with those in it.

I myself would rather the product size be as minimal as possible to help ease installation. I have deep boxes, but not everyone has. So just hoping and pushing for more, or in this case, less.