LZW36 Fan/Light controlling two canopy modules issue

I decided to install the last two of my Fan/Light switches today. I installed the master bedroom first and things well and were fairly uneventful. The switch paired with both the module and Hubitat without issue. Installed the second in my grandson’s bedroom and things went similarly well.

Went back into the master to check on the switch and the fan was unresponsive. Did an air gap a couple of times and that did not help. Turned the circuit off for about 1 minute with no improvement. So I decided to do a factory reset and start over. Excluded the switch from the hub and then went thru the reset procedure. Air gapped the switch, turn the circuit off/on at the panel. On the way back to the bedroom decided to check on the switch in my grandson’s room. When I turned the light on I noticed that the light in master came on as well. I got the same result for the fan. And the air gap was still pulled on the master switch.

Any idea how a single switch can control two canopy modules? Is there a way to factory reset module associations?

It’s unfortunately not possible for one switch to control two modules at this time.

However, to reset the switch/module, please follow the directions here:

Eric, I am not interested in controlling two with one switch. That is what is definitely occurring, however unlikely. I am going to factory reset both switches and then start over. Thanks for the quick reply.

I am back in business. I excluded both from the hub and then performed a factory reset on each. I then removed the line in on the switch in my grandson’s and proceeded to pair the switch and module in the master. Once that was working I reconnected the line in on the switch in his room and then paired in that one as well.

Is this still the case? I have two fans in one room that I currently control with an unreliable Hampton Bay ZigBee controller. I set the codes to the same on the two canopy modules and the wall-control and it works locally. I then created a group in Home Assistant to control them together remotely.

I have an LZW-36 in my daughter’s room, and it has been very reliable, so I would like to replace this one as well. I won’t be able to do this if single-switch/multi-canopy isn’t supported.

Thanks - Jonesie

I’d like to know this as well. I currently have FanLinc/KeyPadLinc pairs set up but when they die I would like to change them out for LZW36es so I can ultimately retire my ISY who’s sole job is to control my small handful of fans (zwave is via openhab). The only problem is that on our patio we have three fans controlled by two switches that i’ve been able to cob together as a virtual 3 way via scripting on the ISY since the FanLincs operate as separate devices on the network but unless I can control at least 2 of the fans from one switch I won’t be able to retire that setup in favor of a pair of LZW36 switches. Alternatively having a fan module that talks zwave to the switch via association instead of the current RF similar to how the FanLinc/KeypadLinc combo works would allow this flexibility and I would buy in a heartbeat