LZW36 Fan/Light Switch - disable light dimmer switch?

I recently installed a bunch of these and really like them however in one room if the light dimmer gets pushed, things go into a wacky state and it takes a bunch of button pushing to get the lights working again. Is there anyway to disable the dimmer switch for the light on this one unit?

Thanks in advance,

Disable Local Control in settings? Don’t have a 36 but that’s how you would do it on a 31.

Thank you, any idea what the parameter number is for that option?

Hold A and press B 8 times.

That seems to disable both the dimmer button A and the actual light switch button B. Is there anyway to disable A only or make it not affect the brightness?

Ahh I re read your post. I’m not sure if there is something like that. However, I also don’t have a fan switch to try. Can you adjust the speed of dimming to be insanely long and see if that helps?

Hmm, I thought you were trying to disable the whole light control as well. I agree with @harjms, I don’t think that’s possible. That feature is actually for when you’re using with smart bulbs that are otherwise controlled and you don’t want the switch to physically control the bulb(s). So I’m pretty sure it’s all or nothing.

The ability to set min/max dimmer levels is in the Inovelli driver. It would seem as simple as setting the minimum level to 98…except that the driver that I’m running doesn’t support minimums higher than 45… :cry:

I saw 45 as the max as well. I was wondering if that was artificial in the driver or a max setting hardcoded in the firmware.