LZW36 Hubitat Setup Guide?

Does anyone have a simple setup guide for how to set up the device in Hubitat? I know how to pair it, and I have the driver, but I’m wondering about how to set all of the buttons, etc in the product on Hubitat.

I don’t have the device yet (it’s in the mail), I’m just trying to prepare…

Install the Hubitat Button Controllers app. Find the press/hold button mappings post in this forum. Program each button/combo for your desired functions.

You can also use Rule Manager in place of Button Controllers for more complex automations, using the same button presses/holds from the mapping post…

Ahhh, so very similar to lutron pico remotes, then?

When the device is paired, are there default commands for the buttons?

Thanks, BTW

Only taps for on/off and the dimmer rockers are configured by default in a new device…as regular switches, a dimmer, and a fan speed controller. All of the 2/3/4/5 taps and holds “scene” stuff is configured as buttons afterwards:

When you configure an LED notification in the driver’s settings, it will automagically create a child switch device to turn it on/off for you as shown above…

Keep in mind if you turn off the 700ms delay you will loose some of the buttons for use in scene control!

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I do not know if new orders are shipping with the latest “beta” firmware. If not, you may want to find the special Hubitat Z-Wave Firmware updater posted in these forums and have it on standby. The original shipping LZW36 firmware had an annoying canopy module disconnect issue, and should be upgraded right away if it is on your switch…

Thanks, I would have never known that about the firmware.

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I was looking through this… where do I find the link to the firmware?

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Complete instructions, including a link to the special Hubitat Z-Wave BINARY Firmware Update Tool…

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I changed the driver and put in the firmware url: https://files.inovelli.com/firmware/LZW36/Beta/

Mine has bene parsing the firmware for about 15 minutes now, is that normal? (Also, it says my current firmware version is 1.31)

I looked in my logs and I seem to be getting this error when it’s “padding hex bytes”: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method and() on null object on line 461 (firmwareStore)

I’m using the 1.33 gbl file - assuming it’s better to update one version at a time?

Use the directions that @vreihen provided! I had the wrong updater driver! Use the binary version… as @vreihen said!

And use the gbl file… like @vreihensaid!

Sensing a theme?

Everything moving along now. Thanks, everyone! I couldn’t be happier with this device!

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You would think that I’ve done this update a time or four… :rofl: