LZW36 Notification values discrepancy

Hello, I was looking at the documentation for notifications on the LZW36 (Hurricane) and found two conflicting descriptions.

The PDF manual and the OpenZWave XML file list byte 3 as “Effect” and byte 4 as “Duration”. The calculator, however, has byte 3 as “duration” and byte 4 as “effect” — the reverse.

In addition, the OpenZWave XML has effects 0-4 as “solid”, “slow”, “fast”, “chase”, and “pulse” respectively. While the calculator has 0-5 as “off”, “solid”, “slow”, “fast”, “chase”, and “pulse”

I don’t use SmartThings, but it looks like the Device Handler agrees withe the online calculator.

Finally, from perusing the SmartThings code, it looks like there’s a configuration parameter 31 that isn’t in the documentation?

I’m attempting to add the device type to OpenHab, and I haven’t installed my switches yet because, well, they won’t work with my hub until the database gets updated.

Yeah, I noticed this as well while I was working on the calculator. The openzwave XML and the PDF have them switched. I tested both ways to verify what the switch needs, the calculator is correct.


Thanks. I used the values from the calculator in the OpenHAB database. Now I just have to wait for a release.

I also made a pull request to the OpenZWave repo.