LZW36 Replacement paddles

I’m curious if there is an update on when the color paddles will become available. None of the LZW36 switches I have are actually supposed to be white, but the one in the 3-gang box of black switches stands out the most. :slight_smile:

@Courtney_Inovelli, do you remember when these will be available?

They are supposed to ship end of August!

@Eric_Inovelli, any chance of adding them as a pre-order item? I’ve already got several things pre-ordered … must as well give you more money and get it over with :).

Hey @kitt001 – great question! We are looking to get these at the end of August along with the rest of our order, but the problem may be that if they ship separately, there’s no guarantee that they won’t be held at customs or vice versa (switches get held) so we don’t know if everything will arrive at the same time.

So, we are leaving it off for now. What we can do to save you on shipping is let us know what you’d like to order (send @Courtney_Inovelli and I a PM) and we can put it in the notes to ship with your order if they do come on time!

Did the paddles arrive in time to ship with the Red series 10 packs that are shipping out now?