LZW36 ST Dim Speed

Hey guys, got my first fan and light installed and the dim speed despite being set at 0 takes 3-4 seconds to dim to off and on. Wondering if anyone else is having a similar experience?

Getting similar results in Hubitat

@EricM_Inovelli this may be firmware related then.

Wish I would have gotten in on the beta, was too slow to the punch!

We should be careful with terms. Are you talking Dimming Speed or Ramp Rate and then you should also be aware that the driver has setting for “From Switch” for each of theses.

Ramp Rate is for the change from On/Off
Dimming is the rate when Dimming

Another help with this is to adjust the minimum Light Levels if your LED don’t perform well at the lower settings.

Dimming speed is what I have said and am talking about. I want the switch to effectively go from 0 to 99 instead of 0 25 50 99, etc. over the span of 4-5 secs.

Min level set appropriately.

Dimming adjust at a speed while pressing the dimming Button. Ramp Rate change states with the On or Off. It sounds to me that you should adjust the Ramp Rate not dimming…

Interesting you say that, will test, but the setting on red dimmers has the correct result when changed. All of my others are set to 99 so either way the proper function is not happening.