LZW36 Switch will not communicate with canopy

Hello, I have had trouble getting my first LZW36 configured properly. Communication has been inconsistent since install a couple of days ago.
I have since updated the firmware to 1.36 following advice in other posts here (setting unauthenticated security was the key after many attempts.) I have excluded and included several times since the upgrade and status report in hubitat confirms fw 1.36.
I have reset the breaker. The canopy behaves as expected after powering up and goes into pairing mode (pulsing light), however it never finds the switch on its own. If I initiate a manual pair on the switch, the lights will indicate success (green) but the fan light continues to pulse until it times out.
Hubitat can control the switch with no problem. I can access status and control both fan and light, but neither the switch controls nor hubitat will actually affect the fan itself.
The controls had been intermittent, then just stopped working altogether.

How far between the switch & the canopy, anything in between? I had similar symptoms with ~15 feet & a drywall corner (I moved the switch). Another one, at ~12 feet, I got to work fairly reliably by leaving the antenna wire sticking out of the canopy on the switch side.

Hey Sandy, distance between canopy and switch is less than 10ft. Line of sight in a rather small room.

Is the antenna sticking out? A lot of these canopies introduce a lot of interference since they are metal. Almost like mini faraday cages.

If it still has issues you might want to contact Inovelli support directly.

yeah, it is. I’ve got the shroud pull down actually, so the antenna is out and pointed straight at the switch.

I’ve got a second unit that I have yet to install. I will swap out the canopy module to see if that works. If it does, I’ll reach out to support.