LZW36 to Free-Up Switchable Load Wire

Hey guys,

I’m thinking about adding a switchable outlet to control some lights in the back yard, but don’t really want to run another cable down to the switch junction box (two story… bad spot). Is there anything against code doing what I show in my picture? I would pick up the ground, neutral, and line in the junction box above the ceiling fan that’s on the back porch which I do have attic access to.

I also just realized I switched red and black in this somehow, but I think it’s still clear what I want to do.

Nothing hits me about anything in the NEC that prohibits you from continuing the red or black as a switched lead. I would check with your local code office to insure they concur as well. Evaluate the load on the circuit as-is and add the additional intended load to insure you’re within reasonable anticipated use, staying within 80% of the breaker’s rating.

If the receptacle is going away from the house, you’ll have to consider burial cable type and requirements. You’ll also need a GFCI receptacle.

Thanks for the lookover @Bry. I don’t fully trust myself to interpret my very basic understanding of the NEC and they have a lot of weird rules that aren’t always obvious. The new outlet will be up under the soffit out of reach from the ground (hence the switch) so if burial becomes an issue, I’ve really screwed up.

Yep, I agree. I always feel safe checking with my local inspectors office.

Sorry to be vague. By Burial I meant if you were running the outlet out into the yard you would need to use underground rated cable. If you’re staying in the soffit that won’t be the case. But I’d ask if there are any special requirements for receptacles in the soffit.