LZW36 Wiring Help (again)

Hi @Bry and @JohnRob,
You gurus did a fantastic job of helping me with installing my LZW31-SN Dimmer with my crazy wiring situation (LZW31-SN | Dimmer - Red Series (Gen 2) and GE Aux switch - No Neutral wire) – again, I REALLY appreciated your help!!

I’m hoping you can help once again. This time, I’m trying to install a LZW36 Fan/Light Switch but I’m not sure if I have the correct neutral wires in the correct places. I think I have the “Power Goes Into Switch Box” (the first schematic found here: https://support.inovelli.com/portal/en/kb/articles/inovelli-wiring-diagrams-ceiling-fan-light-switch)

Does this make sense?

Thank you!!

First question is how is the fan and light controlled now? Is it a remote or multiple switches etc.

BTW nice fan :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Right now, it’s controlled by a remote and powered by 1 wall switch. There used to just be a ceiling light in this room. I had an electrician add the fan bracket and fan. I could only include 5 initial pictures. Here are a few more…

Well I think this is an easy one. Big bundle of white is neutrals. Bundle of blacks is line.

You’ll move the left or BLK wire connected to the top of the switch to the bundle of BLK. It’s the BLK wire with the “loop” on the left side of box. You can remove the bottom wire of the switch and use it for your line on the Inovelli switch. Add your neutral to the bundle of WHT to your Inovelli switch.

Fan up top has just a hot and neutral in it so easy connection to the Inovelli canopy. You’ll wire BLK to BLK, WHT to WHT (including the fan neutral wire), RED to fan motor line (possibly BLK or red) and blue to light wire. A better shot of the origins canopy can help but you can use the current wire markers to help connect.

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OK, Before we get too far, are you aware the current remote and electronics will be removed? No more hand remote.

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I replaced my old fan remote with a Pico remote when I switched over to this. Of course I already had the Lutron hub for other remotes.

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@harjms @JohnRob @NicksGarage - Thank you all for your responses. I actually did not realize that I would lose the ability to use the RF remote, but that’s okay. It sounds like I can get a Pico remote but would need a Lutron hub in order to make this work with a remote- is that correct? Regardless, as long as I have access to Hubitat, I should be good; the end goal is to use Webcore to setup automation to turn the fan on and off based on my presence and room temperature. I have not ordered the switch yet; I wanted to make sure that it was compatible with my wiring first.

@JonathanL - @JohnRob is correct. You’ll lose the old remote and canopy and Inovelli will replace the wall switch and canopy.

I think any z wave or zigbee smart button will work as a remote. You’d just have to create a button rule for what you want it to do.

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I have the 5-button Pico remotes that I use for lots of things. I didn’t get a specific fan one as it doesn’t give you anything different other than fan icons on the buttons (unless you’re using it with a Lutron fan switch). Of course it doesn’t work exactly as the old remote. I have it set with the top button to turn the light on 100%, the bottom button to turn the light on 33%. The Up button turns the fan to 66% and the down button turns it to 33%. The middle button turns it all off. The other buttons also turn the light and fan off if pressed again. Of course you can also control the fan and light with voice control or automations.

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Sounds great- I’m going to order now and I’ll give it a shot. Thanks again guys!

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It works perfectly!! Thanks again to everyone who chimed in! I really appreciate it!

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