LZW42 bulb show off if manual switch is off

I have a few of these bulbs and I am doing some automation with WebCoRE. What I would like the bulb to do is to report the correct off state if physically the switch was turned off (no power to the bulb) . The smartthings app shows the bulb to be on even though it is physically off. Because of this my webcore automation are not working.
Any help on this would be appreciated.

You shouldn’t be physically cutting the power to a bulb with a switch. In addition to dramatically shortening the life of the bulb, the bulb can’t report back to the hub after it loses power. So it makes sense that the hub still thinks the light is on since it’s can’t report back to tell it otherwise.

So keep the bulb constantly powered. I don’t know how you are switching, but constantly powered bulbs are typically switched via a scene, association, button or voice control.

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