LZW42 Not supported OOTB at time of writing?


Playing around with a clean HA install with openzwave 1.6.

I can add the ilumin rgbw bulb to my zwave network but as other threads have stated, it responds incredibly slowly or not at all most of the time. It’s also missing features like rgb wheel not being available.

It seems fair to state that in ozw 1.6 these bulbs are currently close to unusable until the next update of HA. As far as I understand it, manual XML config files are a thing of the past in 1.6 so fixing it becomes solely a responsibility of the community and manufacturer.

Is that overall an accurate assessment?

I updated to the 0.114 HA and there is MUCH improvement in the OpenZwave “beta” with support for the LZW42. Still not quite as responsive as I would like, but it’s now actually usable.

White value is a little strange still though. It has a slider but it often just slides back. If it sticks without sliding back, it doesn’t change the white value of the bulb until I switch it to another color then switch it back to full white.

So there’s still some more work to be done.

Latest HA (114.2) is even better. Still a little slow to respond compared to my Zooz switches, but I now have full color and white-value control.

I can confirm! I have 8 of these bulbs around the house and with the bulbs on the latest firmware (1.30beta I THINK it was) and since HA 114 they have been working well since it brought in RGB support to OZW beta. Before 114 RGB wasn’t supported.