LZW42 Power Consumption

I can’t find the specs for the LZW42 regarding power consumption anywhere. I’m trying to estimate wattage used at a certain % of power setting… but I can’t even find out how many watts these things take idle and full-power white, etc. Any ideas?

Here are some measurements taken with a Kill-A-Watt meter:

Color Code Description Watts
#0000000000 Off 0.5
#00000000FF Cold White 100% 6.5
#000000FF00 Warm White 100% 9.8
#FF00000000 Red 100% 2.7
#00FF000000 Green 100% 2.6
#0000FF0000 Blue 100% 2.7
#FFFFFF0000 R, G & B 100% (fake white) 7.6

Hope this helps

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Dang…these warm white settings are killing my power budget.

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Thank you @jtronicus!