LZW45 color transition

Is there a way to do a gradual transition from one color to another on the LED strips? … for example, from orange, to white, and then a little while latter back to orange. Perhaps a combination of settings I just haven’t hit upon, or a way to leverage an effect for just a half cycle.

I’m not looking for a repeating pattern, I just want to switch them from whatever background color they are when we enter a space to a useful white, and then gently restore them after we leave. Right now, they just instantly and abruptly ‘snap’ from one color to another instead of making a soft transition. It sort of works from hue to a temperature (sort of), but from a temperature to hue, or a hue to a hue, its always an instant change.

I’m using Hubitat rule machine and all the appropriate drivers, so if anyone has any ideas, I’d appreciate the feedback.