LZW45 LED strips dropping from network

I am having issues with my LZW45 light strips dropping off the Z-Wave network every few days. I have a C-7 running V and the latest Z-Wave firmware, they have been included without security. The hubs are within 20 feet of the light strips. The hubs have been modified to have the large antennas, When they connect they connect directly at 100 kbps. One f the lights strips is behind a wall mounted tv with the light strips button controller on the side facing the C-7.

The light strips runs fine for a few days then become unresponsive. I unplug them and they rejoin the network and will work again.

I’ve done a factory reset and rejoin and still have the problems. Is anyone else having this sort of issue? I’ve asked in the @Eric_Inovelli, Inovelli forum but haven’t gotten any responses. I have three of them having this issue and four that work fine.

My only thought at this point is to either replace them or connect them to smart outlet and have an automation turn the power on and off every few days…

Any suggestions would be appreciated

I have 4 and they have never disconnected yet. Any chance that you may have ghost nodes (Devices that didn’t pair correctly) on your Z-Wave mesh?

No ghost nodes, and not a lot of devices either.

I have been noticing an uptick of this as well. I previously had 0 issues and i didn’t change my network size either. I’m running home assistant though.

Do you have the latest Z-Wave firmware?

If you see the “Firmware Update” button on the “Settings” → “Z-Wave Details” screen, click it and it will update the firmware to the latest version.

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Just installed the latest Z-wave firmware, hoping for the best.

Out of curiosity, what firmware did you install? I’m reasonably sure that the production strips shipped with 1.20 and according to the Inovelli index, that is the latest.

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They are referring to the hubs Zwave SDK Firmware which should be 7.18.1.

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