Lzw45 pixel effects with local config?

Is is possible to set the pixel effects w/o a hub?

I set up some undercabinet lighting for my parents. I am setting them up with a HUB next week some time. Untill then it would be nice to play with some effects.

Yes, I think. I haven’t done it, though. And I don’t know how easy it is.

If you look at the manual that came with the light strips, there is a section that tells you how to set local configuration. The various pixel effects that the strips can display are in a table in those instructions. Parameter 31 sets the pixel effect.

So basically you will need to set parameter 31 to the number of the pixel effect you want displayed. The only thing that is unclear to me is that pixel effects 31 has two parameters, the number of the pixel effect and the brightness. You might be able to just set the pixel effect and manipulate the brightness by the buttons on the controller.

I cannot seem to get to parameter 31. Manual says to hit the button 5x for P5 10x for p10 ect… but P10 is the highest i can get to.