LZW60 4-in-1 Sensor Adhesive not sufficiently strong

I have multiple LZW60 4-in-1 Sensors around the house and love them! I have however noticed that their adhesive is not strong enough.

Two of my sensors have fallen to the ground with the adhesive still on the wall. Is this something that the Inovelli team is aware of? Are there plans to get better adhesive for those units?

Good thing these things are sturdy! As far as I can tell. This latest one is still fine after an 8 foot fall to a tile floor.

Honestly, I think the issue is the surface area of the stand isn’t allowing for a proper “stick”. It’d would probably stick 1000% better if it was directly attached to the sensor vs the base. I ended up screwing my base into the drywall/wood as I needed it to point to a direction.


@harjms is right, surface area isn’t big enough will all the cutouts. Might be better if you could cut a piece of plastic to fit the bottom. Screw the plate to the base then use double side tape to attach to wall.

If you’d prefer a permanent solution, please use the included screws to mount to a wall (use drywall anchors (included) if mounting in drywall). Please note that the Base (E) should be unscrewed first to make it easier to drill the screws into the wall and ensure that the sensor holes (F) are pointed down at the floor.

If If you’d prefer a temporary solution, please use the included adhesive tape (to install, please clean the surface of the area you’re mounting to, put the adhesive on the, Base (E) and then mount on the wall holding down for 30 seconds) and ensure that the sensor holes (F) are pointed down at the floor


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