LZW60 - Hubitat Driver issue?

@EricM_Inovelli - Eric, I don’t see any stats coming from the LZW60 device. Am I doing this wrong?


Hi there, can you wake up the device by triple pressing on the wake button?

That should at least get it to start reading the device information. By default it only sends reports every 2 hours, but you can change that in the configuration options.

I would’ve figured after inclusion it would begin reporting @ time 0 and then every 2 hours afterwards.

@EricM_Inovelli - However after checking on Dashboard now, it’s now populating…at least I think. I see temp and not sure if top center is battery or humidity. Not surprising if humidity is actually 100%. Starting to insulate shed now…

I going to try this thread since I’m not receiving any response from Inovelli to an issue with timing out on my unit. I’ve noticed that my sensors suddenly fail to report at their assigned intervals, typically starting 48+ hours after they begin reporting. Yesterday they failed reporting after about 12 hours of run time. I usually have to reset or reconfigure to get the reporting to start again. I’m using temperature, light, and humidity. I have the motion sensor defaulted to off. I’m also using a wired circuit rather than depend on battery. The unit sits within 2 feet of my Hubitat hub. I’m trying to control indoor lighting and have written a Rule Machine app with waits for light to fall below a certain level during the day, which activates lighting, but if the ambient light raises the lights will turn off. Works well in that endeavor.

This time out though is driving me nuts and I’m not sure if this is a defect within the unit itself or whether this is the nature of this unit. So far I haven’t hear anything from anyone on this forum or from two inquiries to Invoelli. I contacted Amazon and sent a request to Invoelli and the Amazon folks said if I don’t hear anything within 48 hours, I should return the unit as defective and order another. Any ideas from anyone having one of these units. My reporting frequencies are every 60 seconds for light levels, 180 seconds for temperature, and 300 seconds for humidity.

I’ve got debug and event logging set and see no unusual actions taking place other than the logging just stops. Going to the device page shows the sensors not changing and the device event log show a freeze also. Hitting the refresh button in the device display within Hubitat will get the device to respond one time with all sensors…but the regular reporting does not restart. I not sure if I have a device bug or whether I’m running into some kind of restriction based on the device driver coding.