Maximum smart bulb associations; and general dimming sync question

Hi all, does anyone know for certain the maximum number of smart bulbs that can be associated with a red-series dimmer? The bulbs are not purchased yet so the bulb can be an optimal model if it’s model-specific. I could only find one post that addressed this and it sounded like five bulbs with the limitation being on the z-wave side, but would like to confirm.

Assuming a room where all the bulbs can be associated, how is the dimming sync among them in general if they’re associated to a switch? Is it a mostly pleasurable experience where they have the appearance of changing brightness at the same rate? Again, happy to use a specific brand/model of bulb if that factors in.

Using association group 3 for on/off they sync.

using group 2 they sequence, it’s pretty quick but noticeable.

I’ve had trouble getting more than 2 Ilumin’s to associate with 1 red dimmer, but I haven’t really dove into it very deeply. I think there is a stated max of 5 associated devices per switch.

This is correct @BGP :slight_smile: