May the 4th Sale!

NOTE: This is for May 4th

Alright fellow Star Wars fans, starting at midnight (EST), Yoda is using the force to make us discount our Red Series Unboxed Dimmers to $25!

Disclaimer from Lord Vader (bc he knows there will be comments and/or tickets sent in about this as it happens all the time and he’s tired of dealing with it):

This deal applies to orders placed on May 4th and may not be applied to prior purchases. If you’d like to cancel a prior order or send it back in the original package, that’s fine – but please do not ask.


  • Canada shipping charge? Are you serious?
    Yes, there’s still a shipping charge to Canada.
  • I missed the deal, can I still have it later?
  • What if I PM you asking nicely?

All kidding and snarkiness aside, we’re excited to share this deal with you. May the 4th be with you!

PS – if you haven’t seen @Brianna_Inovelli’s cool email notifying you of this deal, please sign up for our mailing list here:


Someone on FB thought you were going to be announcing the Zigbee version…thought it was pretty good guess, but for reals. Zigbee vs Z-Wave | Dark side vs. Light side

(we all know Z-Wave wins)


Lol, there’s some pretty exciting things in the hopper right now – can’t spill the beans quite yet, but if all pans out, it will be a huge announcement :slight_smile:

That is a pretty solid guess though!

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Oh we know it’s in the works, after the Apple announcement. Still hate it (zigbee) though. I’m team Edward (Z-wave). I just want some Inovelli Aux switches…like for realz.

Nice! Thanks for putting this together. Order placed.

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In the past my order to Canada from didn’t have any extra charges from customs for duties.

Is ordering directly from here (to get the May 4th deal) the same, or should I expect another fee for duties/customs fees?

I just noticed the FAQ. About the shipping charge. I think that answers it.
Too bad Amazon can’t do the open boxes.

The force is strong with this sale, holy crap ppl. @Courtney_Inovelli had an insane day today fulfilling orders!

Thank you all for the support!

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Great question/comment.

Yeah so we have inventory at that is shipped directly from China to Amazon Canada. Since it’s already in Canada, there wouldn’t be any import/duties fees for you.

The sale here is for extra inventory that we ordered for our Holiday Sale. They just didn’t sell as well as we thought and we ordered way too many kits (4x switches & 2x bulbs) so we’ve been breaking the kits apart and selling the switches and bulbs by themselves. These kits are at our HQ in the US, so unfortunately, they have to be shipped via USA.

We use USPS for shipping, so I’m not familiar with import/duties fees, but from what I’m told, they’re the best for shipping to Canada.

Hope that helps!