Missing energy monitoring LZW30-SN Red Switch

Hi all, just getting my Inovelli switches and dimmers going in a new-build home. The dimmers are all reporting energy just fine, but no energy/power stats from any of the switches (about 8 of them). Any obvious newbie errors that I might be overlooking? I did read about the neutral required and haven’t torn apart the electrician’s work yet as I thought I’d check to see if there was a special child device handler that’s different from the dimmers, or something like that first.

Thanks in advance!

On the switches, have you checked the following parameters down under the preferences section? If you don’t see them labeled like this, you may want to try installing the Inovelli Hubitat drivers. If you can use the switches normally you are set up correctly as far as a neutral goes.

Hi @fatherdoctor, yes I have them labeled like that, with default values. Would re-installing the drivers do any good?

Set the reporting interval to something short, turn on debug and info logging, and see what shows up.

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Well I can’t paste it in here, but nothing energy related is showing up in the debug log.

Hmmm… I usually have mine off, but here is the burst I got when I set one of my switches to report (looks like its really coming in every ~30 seconds.

(BTW you can paste pictures directly into posts)

Thanks for sticking with me here! Still stumped though. Here’s my log. Not sure how I got 1.20 firmware, I installed from Hubitat Package Mgr.

@fatherdoctor I might be confusing this with something else, as I’m not a Hubitat user.

Isn’t there a Hubitat Inovelli driver that isn’t the real Inovelli driver? If the OP is using the Hubitat one could that be causing the issue?

That is correct. Make sure you’re using the Inovelli driver you loaded under Drivers. You’ll select the Inovelli driver which is all the way at the bottom of the Hubitat list.

Just double checked, I am using the 'user’s driver at the bottom.

Just a thought, after swapping to the new driver, did you hit “Save Preferences” down below? And have you tried hitting the Configure and Refresh options to see what you get back in the logs?

It looks like I only see power logs with Informational logging enabled, and by default that will turn off after 30 minutes, but you should also have that information up in the current states as well like so -


Make sure the device id and manuf id are not 0000. Sometimes (rarely) the device doesn’t include fully, and they don’t work 100%.

Happens on ST, might be happening on Hubitat. Although if it’s multiple, it’s probably a driver issue.

Device and Manuf ID’s are not 0000, so good there. I replaced the device handler code that was loaded via hubitat package manager with the code on the github repo, and with that the ‘power’ appeared, but hasn’t moved, and no energy reported over 4 or 5 hours. I’m not sure if I’m making progress or not!

Oh and yes I did the save prefs/config/refresh commands with no results.


@Eric_Inovelli this is the first i have heard of a SWITCH not reporting power/energy, but add this to the list of people potentially experiencing failures to report on this.

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I’m curious what would happen if you re-flashed your firmware.

Hmmm, I haven’t done that and might wait a bit, don’t want to risk bricking switches in our brand new home!

I’ve been playing detective and just read on another thread that the devicetype: 4 means this would be a black series and not a red, which wasn’t what we spec’d, but maybe what the electrician bought and didn’t tell us. That would explain a lot if this is correct…

Yes that would explain it :frowning:

If you shoot me your electricians name or whomever placed the order (via PM), I can look officially. I meant to ask this yesterday as I tried pulling your email in our order system and it didn’t come up. I guess that would explain why if someone else ordered it lol!

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Awesome, DM incoming! Thank you!