Mix Basic and Advanced Switches or Dimmers in a scene or automation

@Eric_Inovelli Can you clarify if I can add both Advanced and Basic switches/dimmers to a scene? For example, if I have basic on/off switches for the outdoor lights around the house, and advanced switches/dimmers on the interior lights - and I want to create a scene where multi-tap on one of the advanced switches could turn off all the basic and advanced switches together at once?

i.e. the advanced switches/dimmers can issue commands to the rest of the Z-wave devices in the scene, and the basic switches/dimmers can only act on commands issued by an advanced switch/device.

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Hey! I know I’m not as cool as @Eric_Inovelli around these parts but I wanted to let you know that you can definitely accomplish this! :slight_smile:

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You’ve definitely earned the cool points, for responding faster than Eric… :clown_face:

Thanks for confirming it!


I’ll take it :joy: Enjoy your scenes! Let me know how setup goes :slight_smile: