Modular Designs

I love what Inovelli has done and want to share this idea with them.

Problem: The modern day light switch and wall plate is restrictive in nature and having to design a product that conforms to this is limiting.

Solution: You remove all the switches in your gang box and replace them with a simple module that has 2-5 channels that support dimming, provide 5VDC out, and a CAN bus. The wall plate contains the host controller, radio, and host on the CAN bus. It can talk to the module to control and get feedback of the dimmer and switch states. Now here is the bread and butter. The wall plate has snap in modules for paddles, buttons, epaper displays, etc. The wall plate communicates with these snap in modules via a can bus also. And the best part, the wall plate can be as big as you need it to be.

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I agree that one switch channel per switch gang space is restrictive.

I don’t think you need a CAN bus though. See my suggestion here- the single gang device is JUST a scene controller / switch commander, and you use mini modules such as the Aeotec Nano Dimmer for actual load control…

This is frequently what the ‘big guys’ do, and IMHO it’s the way that prosumer stuff like Inovelli should start opening up to.