More wiring - LZW30 3-way; Neutral available

I’ve searched and read through several discussions and am not finding exactly the same scenario. I have not purchased the Inovelli LZW30 yet. It was recommended via the Facebook Smartthings forum, but I want to make sure it will work in my application:

3-way setup. Toggle switches in house and attached garage controlling lights in garage.
Both gangboxes (in house and in garage) have toggles and are on the same circuit. In the garage, the switch controlling the lights has white, red and black (and ground). The white is not neutral, it is common. However, the other 2 toggles in the gang box do provide neutral (again, same circuit).

The wiring diagrams that I’m seeing on the Inovelli site only show the smartswitch in the position that would be in the house (ie for simplicity — panel -> inside-switch ->outside-switch -> lights). For aesthetic reasons, that is not ideal (and would probably lead to rolling eyes from the wife). I’m trying to put the smartswitch in the garage.

So, can I use the LZW30 in the garage with the existing wiring? If so, what is the recommended wiring schema?

Is the aesthetic that you can’t mix toggle switches and a paddle switch in the same box?

I recall @johnrob describing how you could wire a 3-wire by sending power to the opposite box for the Innovelli, but I have the feeling it involved the use of an Aux, not a dumb switch. I’m not sure if it’s feasible with a dumb switch but John can weigh in.