My 3way zwave association stopped working

My three-way Z wave association has stopped working to turn the light on from the source side. Works great turning the light off.

I have a “pseudo” three way switch set up that has two innovelli red dimmers on both sides. I used the Z wave Association tool to set up both group 2 and group 4. It worked great for several months. A few days ago I realized that the “source” switch is able to turn off the light but is not able to turn on the light.

I can watch in the device recent commands that commands are triggered.

What am I missing to debug and fix this?

Other things I’ve tried:
Remove and replace the group 2 association.

Since you are seeing the commands in the logs, that sounds to me like it’s on the hub side. What hub are you using?

Try using a different app/technique to turn the lights on/off to see if the commands take effect there.

Here is an example of what I’m getting at. I use ST. I have a touchpad that I configured to turn lights on and off with Smart Lighting. I found that ST would ignore some of the button presses (which were in the logs) and the lights wouldn’t turn on/off on the first press. I changed from using Smart Lighting to the button controller and all of the presses are now recognized and the lights work properly.

It sounds like yours isn’t working at all, where mine took a couple trys. Maybe something light that is going on with yours?

Thanks… I’m using SmartThings… (its why I posted in the Smartthings category. :-). ).

REALLY good ideas on additional testing… Let me go do that…

Since I posted, I had tried some other things. I deleted the group 2 association and then re-did it…
I didnt see in the logs on the destination switch that it recognized the association…

My current hypothesis is something is wrong with my association and it’s not deleting correctly.