Need help Setting up new red series switch to control hue

I can’t seem to figure out how to get my new switch to control a hue scene

I’m using

  • 4 br30 hue bulbs
  • inovelli red switch w scene control
  • smart things hub

So far i added the Device handeler in the smartthings ide and set the type to the custom one i added off the inovelli website.

I installed another button controller app to smart things. I’ve set the local control to no. I created a button in another button controller app to have the first tap turn on the 4 hue lights.

When I tried to setup the local control to no from within smart things nothing changed. I manually changed it on the switch by holding down the activity button for 15 secs and then pressed the button 8 times

So now when I press the switch it doesn’t cut power off as expected but nothing is being sent to the hue bulbs.

Does it matter if I’m setting this up in the smartthings classic app?
Is there a simple walk though for idiots from start to finish on this?
Any ideas?